CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

The CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery is now offering CoolSculpting by Zeltiq!

No matter how healthy your diet is or how much you exercise, sometimes fat can be stubborn and seems impossible to lose. Additionally, as we age, it becomes even more difficult to get rid of those last 5 pounds that are giving you a muffin top or love handles.

CoolSculpting is a new non-surgical body contouring technique that helps eliminate stubborn fat and helps you get back the body you used to have or achieve the body you have always wanted.

What is CoolScupting?

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is the only FDA-approved cosmetic treatment that targets and eliminates unwanted fat. Through a body sculpting technique called Cryolipolysis, the CoolSculpting device freezes your fat cells, eliminating stubborn fat. Check out our amazing CoolSculpting patient testimonial.

CoolSculpting gives you results that diet and exercise can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively.


Who is a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

The best candidates for CoolSculpting are those who are in relatively good shape, but have modest areas of fat bulges that they would like to remove. This non-surgical approach is a good treatment for patients who only need minimal fat reduction, and is a great alternative to liposuction.

CoolSculpting is not an alternative to a healthy diet or lifestyle, and is not a treatment to lose weight. In addition, CoolSculpting cannot be used to treat cellulite, sagging skin or visceral fat areas. To learn more about how CoolSculpting and other plastic surgeries can be tailored to you, contact us today.

How does CoolSculpting work?

After the consultation, our nurse Jodi will place the CoolSculpting device on the desired area of the body to be treated.The device will then draw your fat bulge up between the cooling panels. It will feel like someone is pinching and pulling on your fat; this pressure is a result of the CoolSculpting device cooling your tissue and targeting your fat cells.

CoolSculpting doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells (necrosis). It uses apoptosis, which is a programmed sequence of events which leads to the natural elimination of cells without releasing harmful substances into the surrounding area. This unique technology uses a targeted controlled cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin. These cells are then eliminated through the body's natural process.

Once the fat cells are crystalized from the CoolSculpting treatment, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. After just one treatment, most patients see a noticeable reduction in fat. However, it does take a few months to see the final results, as it takes a while for the body to completely dispose of the unwanted fat cells.

What are the benefits of CoolSculpting?

No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars.

CoolSculpting is a completely non-invasive treatment that gives you stunning results. Unlike other surgical procedures, which can require anesthesia, each CoolSculpting treatment will take about an hour and takes place in the CENTER office. Dr. Azizzadeh is the author of several textbooks specializing in facial rejuvenation.

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Another great benefit of CoolSculpting is that there is no downtime. You can return to your daily life immediately after your treatment. In fact, many people are able to squeeze their CoolSculpting treatment into their lunch break!

CoolSculpting Before and After Pictures

Before and After Zeltiq

Before and After CoolSculpting

Before and After Zeltiq

Before and after pictures courtesy of CoolSculpting.

If you are interested in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills CoolSculpting schedule a consultation with Jodi at The CENTER today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Just Got a Silicone Rhinoplasty 7 Days and my Son Slap my Nose.
I'm Asian and I just got a silicone implant rhinoplasty exactly 7 days ago. While caring for my 1 year-old son, he slapped me really hard on the entire nose, it hurt and I felt it was throbbing. I ran to look in mirror and my tip was slightly red but my nose doesn't look like it was slanted in any way. Should I be concern? Will it later on effect my result or be slanted in anyway? Will smiling effect it as well at this time? I'm afraid to do any expressions. Thank you.

A: Probably OK, but just in case see your plastic surgeon
Everything is probably ok, but just in case I would more

Q: When Stopping the Use of Botox, Do Wrinkles Become Worse Than Before Treatment?

A: Wrinkles will go back to they were before treatment
Your wrinkles will go back to the way they were before more

Q: Is It Safe to get Botox 10 Days After IPL?

A: Yes, completely safe
Yes, it is completely safe to have Botox right after an IPL treatment, or 10 days more

Q: Should I Go See a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist for my Botox Injection?
I decided to go for my first Botox injection. I have decided to stay away from Botox party or med spas. I am going to the best plastic surgeon or dermatologist. I wonder which one is better. The surgeon or the dermatologist. Thank you in advance. I am in southern California. But I don't mind traveling!

A: Either is fine, experience is the key
You can see either a dermatologist or a plastic more

Q: Need to Fix Crooked Smile - Will Botox Work?
I've had a crooked smile - I think since birth. I think that it may be a problem with the side of my face - rather than just the smile - let me know your thoughts. It's become a bit of a lifestyle problem - your input is very much appreciated. Will a Botox injection work? The cost is around $500 for a 6-month result? Thank you,

A: Yes, Botox can correct a crooked smile
Yes, Botox can be used to correct asymmetry or a crooked more

Q: How Soon After Botox is it Ok to Get Brows Waxed?
Hello, I had 30 units of Botox for 11's between my eyebrows and crows feet for my 57-year-old face. All is going well, and I'm pleased. It has been 2 weeks; it is alright to have my eyebrows waxed now? Thanks for your help,

A: Yes, 2 weeks is fine to get waxed after Botox
2 weeks is fine to go get your eyebrows waxed after more

Q: Should I Be Concerned That Botox Could Cause Eyebrow Drooping?
I want to use Botox injection to treat the very shallow horizontal forehead lines and the very deep frown lines between my eyebrows. I've heard that forehead lines injection run a bigger risk of eyelid drooping. Should I just treat the deep frown lines between my eyebrows to avoid eyelid drooping?

A: Go to an experienced injector and you should be fine
As long as you go to an experienced Botox more

Q: Facelift After Restylane?
I had bad fat remover 5 month ago, my lower face is so hollow and sagging. I had 4 syringe restylane put in 3month ago 10 days later I had another 4 syringe restylane put in but I still look hollow, everybody ask me if I was very sick or I lost so much weight, because I looks very thin on my lower face, what should I do? How long do I have to wait to have facelift and what should I do for the hollowness? Thank you.

A: Consider fat grafting with short-flap facelift
Consider fat grafting (multi-level fat grafting) in combination with short-flap more

Q: Should I Wait a Couple of More Years for Cosmetic Surgery?
What Age is Recommended for a Chin and Jowl Lift and at what age is a facelift recommended for a chin and frown line lift? I'm 43 years old and about 5'8" and pretty slender. This is definitely a hereditary issue, Are there any dr.'s that are good but also not as expensive? I read somewhere that the sagging neck lift works better when you get older, but I have insecurity about this now.
Any advice would be truly appreciated. I've always felt unattractive and was tormented by kids in school. Please. Advice would really help, and again...finances are an issue, so what would be the best option for me?

A: Everyone is different, but waiting too long is not always prudent
The time to perform facial surgery is different for every individual depending on your genetic as well as environmental aging more

Q: Face Lift to Reshape the Face
Hi, I'd like to know if a facelift can be used to reshape the face and not just for sagging skin. I'm 30 years old so my skin is still pretty tight but the whole face is kinda "droopy", I wonder if a face lift or a forehead lift could just be used to reshape the upper part of my face and make it wider and make the eyes a little more almond shape or make the jawline tighter.

A: Likely better with Sculptra and Ulthera
For your situation, you may be better off more

Q: 56 Y/O Japanese Woman - Asian or Western Doctor?
I'm 56 Japanese woman. I would like to remove under eye puffiness and face-lift together. Do you recommend Asian specialist Dr or any plastic Dr? I hear that Asian skin is different than Western skin. Few my Japanese friends did face lift and eye surgery by Western Dr and they looks not natural looks, which I do not want to happen to me. Please advice this matter, thank you.

A: Depends on expertise
It really just depends on the physician's more

Q: Differences Between Traditional Facelifts Depending on the Surgeon
My husband had a face/neck lift 3 days ago. He wore a thick bandage with drains for 2 days, took anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. His face is very swollen, and he is asked to sleep on his back for a month. My sister is having the same procedure in Paris but tells me she won't even stay overnight, she plans to rest at home for a few days and start work after 7 days. Her doctor says she can sleep on her side no problem. Same procedure - why the difference? Asking because I'm scheduled for same!

A: Every facelift is different
Every surgeon does a different face-lift and has different more

Q: Facelift Revision for Asymmetry?
I had a facelift 5 mos. ago. Surgeon did extra tightening toward mid-ear on Right side, to "lift mouth" more, but mouth is more downward on Right side + Right side doesn't feel "supported" upward as it does on the left. I'm afraid this is hard to describe -- it doesn't look like the Left side. Can this be revised after a year? (This is this surgeon's SECOND facelift on me, and then 2.5 months after 2nd surgery he "dismissed" me.)

A: Yes, a revision facelift can correct the asymmetry
Yes. Revision facelifts have increased in incidence because of the exact more

Q: Nasolabial Folds After Mid-Facelift
I am 52 and had a mid-lift Facial procedure with upper and lower eyelid Blepharoplasty with Co2 laser of lower Eyelids and upper lip done 2 weeks ago. I still notice some nasal labial fold sagging from the sides of my nostrils to the corners of my mouth. Will that get better as I heal? If not, what can be done? Everything else looks ok, but I'm not too happy with that.

A: Wait for the healing process to take its course
nasolabial folds will often times become more prominent in the initial healing phase after a mid more

Q: Cheek Swollen 2 Years After Facelift
I am 52 and had a full-face lift and eye lift 2 yrs ago, the surgery took 8 hours and the right side of my face was quite bruised and swollen for quite some time. Now my right side is still quite a bit bigger than my left side, when I smile I look like a chipmunk on one side. Still have very little feeling in that cheek. Is there anything I can do? I did ultrasound for up to a year after the surgery. I also have very noticeable scars on my eyelids. And the scars behind my ears still ache too.

A: Yes, a revision facelift can help improve asymmetry
Face-lift and eyelid procedures unfortunately can some times lead to more

Q: Endoscopic Midface Lift, MACS Lift or Other Procedures for Tired Face (Age 24)?
I'm 24& really bothered with my face. I look old& tired. I have thick skin and there are also acne scars on my cheeks. A surgeon I've talked to told me to have CO2 laser for scars, another one suggested Sculptra -but I'm afraid it'll make my face look even bigger (and I've heard fillings cause cists, is it true?) And another surgeon suggested a midface lift. MACS lift also seems helpful in my case. It may be early for these but I don't see any point in waiting to get older when I'm so unhappy...

A: Fractionated laser, skin care, restylane to reshape
I would suggest fractionated laser, a good skin care more

Q: For Men - How to Cover Facelift Scars
I'm Planning to Do a Full Facelift. A Woman Can Cover It by Letting Her Long Hair Cover Her Ears. But, What Does a Man Do?

A: Sideburns if incision is planned appropriately by your surgeon
This is a very good question. I would suggest using the sideburn area for your incision more

Q: Facelift at Age 45 - Will I Need a Redo Later?
I understand some doctors believe that a lady should wait until the menopause to have a facelift because most of the changes will shows after this. That is why I am concern about to have it done or not. If I have it now, I guess I will need one more on 7 year? This is true or not? Thank you! Q

A: Most facelifts will last 10-15 years.
Most facelifts will last 10-15 years. There are obviously variables such as menopause, genetic and environmental more

Q: Downtime for Full Facelift?
I often read that it takes 10 days to recover from a face-lift but I don't know if that includes upper and lower blephs plus brow lift, which people often have at the same time. I'd like to know how long to budget in a general way even as you need to add the disclaimer that everyone is different, we all heal at different rates. If it helps I am a 45 woman basically in good health, some asthma and allergies, of Caucasian and African-American descent.

A: My patients go back to work within 10 days, but you need to ask your surgeon
The recovery times from the operations are variable depending the extent of the facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty and brow more

Q: Weak Smile 5 yrs After Facelift Surgery. Could There Have Been Damage???
I thought it would correct itself but has been 5yrs.

A: I would have to see pictures, but am a facial paralysis expert
I would have to see pictures, as this is hard to tell with the limited info you gave. If you want you can email me pictures at more

Q: To Do a Revision Facelift, Does a Dr. Need Complete Surgery Notes from Previous Dr.??
So that a Dr. may feel more comfortable considering a Revision Facelift, does the new Dr. need Complete Surgery Notes from previous surgery? The Dr. who did 2 facelifts (the first one anchored my face DOWNWARD), has refused to give me complete surgery notes that describe his procedures, techniques, sutures, or plication, etc. How important is it to have descriptive surgery notes for a new Dr. to consider a revision facelift, and, if so, what information would be important and helpful?

A: If you have them, if not it is OK
Most of the time, we don't rely on operative reports, as there are almost always significant more

Q: Where Will The Scars Be For A Facelift, Blepharoplasty & Subnasal Lip Lift?
If you are having multiple procedures done, does the surgeon do the pre-surgical markings and show the patient where the scars will be placed?

A: Yes he will show you during the consultation and preoperatively
Yes all incision sites will be shown at the time of consultation and in the preoperative more

Q: After 5 Years my Ear Pulses with Pain Like a Pin Stuck in There
I had a facelift 5 years ago. The left side of my face and ear were numb and it was painful to touch the skin. Now most of the numbness has gone away but it feels like there is a pin in my ear poking me over and over again. Slight bump in front of my left ear is very tender to touch and hurts. Now my jaw hurts to open. Is this something that can be corrected?

A: Please see an ENT specialist
I think you should see an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist for this. I recommend Dr. Larian in Beverly more

Q: Puffiness, Lumpiness & Tightness
Is there any special medicine I can take or treatment at home I can do, to reduce the rest of puffiness, lumpiness and tightness on the face/ears/neck, after 8 months had full face & eyes lift surgery? - Why do I feel one day different more tightly than other days? (especially around ears). I am not drink and smoke. Thanks for answer.

A: No meds, this is common for us to a year
No Meds. Very common to have difference between two sides for up to a more

Q: I Am 3 Weeks Post-op from a Facelift and Now Have a Crooked Smile. Permanent?
I am 3 weeks post-op from a facelift and now have a crooked smile. How can I tell if this is permanent? My right bottom lip won't move down, so when I smile and I look like "Popeye." When I try to make the right bottom lip go down, there are little muscles under my lip that jump around like they are trying to work.

A: See your plastic surgeon
Although this could be nothing to worry more

Q: Will I Benefit from a Facelift?
I am in my late twenties and noticed a sagging of my lower face from my early to mid twenties. I now have lines at the sides of my mouth and also from the corners of my nose downward and from under my eyes although It is hard to get on camera I have put in a pic from last year that shows the lines in the light and the 2nd pic- taken recently, shows the extent of sagging in my lower jaw which messes with my whole face shape and adds a good ten years to my age, what can I do?

A: No, consider Fillers, Botox and Ulthera
No you do not need a facelift yet, I would consider less invasive measures such as dermal fillers (Juvederm, restylane) more

Q: Time off for a Mini Face Lift?
How much time off is normal for a mini face-lift?

A: Normally 1 week to recovery
Normally it takes about 7 days to recover, but this really depends on your surgeon and his/her more

Q: Mid-Face Lift 7 Years Old
Hello, I had a mid-face lift 7 years ago. It was very aggressive and my cheeks looked as though they had been folded in half, instead of flat, and they sat very high up. I hated the look and still do. Now that I am aging it looks horrible and one of my cheeks is still sitting slightly higher than the other. What I want to know is there a reversal procedure for this surgery, I would rather not be cut again, so it would be great if there were other non-intrusive procedures I could have?

A: Use Sculptra to reshape a more youthful appearance
I would suggest to use Sculptra to reshape your face into a more youthful more

Q: What Can Be Done About Cheek Asymmetry After Mid-face Lift with Fat Grafting?
At 11-days post-surgery, I developed a hematoma on my right cheek. Due to the hematoma, my R cheek felt rigid. Massage has helped to soften the tissue. Now 5-weeks post-surgery, I still have some lumps/bruising. My L cheek is plumper vs. my R. Did the hematoma cause lower fat "take"? Before the fat completes the process of developing a blood supply, is there anything to be done to lower the viability on the L (for symmetry)? I don't want to go through any future fat grafting procedures.

A: Wait at least 6 months
You really need to wait at least 6 months before you consider doing anything to fix cheek more

Q: Is It Safe to Have a Facelift After Sculptra?
I had a Sculptra injection and am supposed to have 1 more in 6 weeks, the doctor's idea was to make my skin stronger so he can do a thread lift. After doing some research I think this is not for me and I'd like to go back to my original idea of having a traditional facelift - but I am now worried that if I get a facelift when my skin is a bit tighter from the Sculptra treatment it will sag again in 1-2 years once the Sculptra wears off. Can this be a problem after just 1 Sculptra injection?

A: Yes OK to have facelift after Sculptra
Yes, it is safe to have a facelift after more

Q: I Am 45 and I Am Wondering if Will Be Ok to Have a Face Lift Instead of Using Restylane?
Many thanks,

A: Depends on what you want to accomplish
This really depends on what you want to more

Q: Opinions on What is Happening to my Chin Scar - 2nd Surgery Post Op
Has first face-lift with neck lift almost a year ago. Chin scar did not heal correctly, so 3 weeks ago, I had a revision of the chin scar. A week after surgery, the healing is worse than the first surgery. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Take a look at the pic. At each end of the scar there is like a pucker or a pocket eat end of the scar. Opinions on how to correct this? THANKS for any opinions.

A: Takes time to heal, but can use massage or laser to help speed healing time
You need to give it time to heal, as you are only a few weeks more

Q: After a Facelift, Can Fat Gradually Disappear from the Path of Lift?
The facelift was two years ago. On one cheek, just below my cheekbone and along the path of the lift, a hollow channel has been inching toward the center of my face. The doctor has assured me that this was not a thread lift. The hollow is about 1.25" in width. The skin above it is taut and looks lifeless. The hollow keeps lengthening and it looks awful. What could be happening? And can anything be done to stop it and/or correct it?

A: Fat loss after facelift can be corrected with Sculptra
It is hard to answer your question without photos, but often times patients do have fat loss after a facelift and can benefit from using Sculptra more

Q: Can I Get the Same Results of Silhouette Threads with a Liquid Facelift (with Fillers)?
I want volume and lifting on my face I'm only 28 but my face is very flat, can the liquid facelift help with the same results of Silhouette threads, also can the liquid facelift help with Symmetry and Balance of my face? Thank you so much for your help!

A: If volume loss is your main issue than liquid facelift is a better option
If volume loss is your main issue then liquid facelift will actually be a better more

Q: Divots in Cheek Following Neck/Face Lift
8 Weeks Ago. - What to do?

A: Wait until you are done healing, at least 6 months
You need to wait until you are done healing, at least 6 months, before considering doing something to fix the more

Q: When Should Facelift Sutures Be Removed?
How Many Days Post Op from a Facelift Should Sutures in Front of Ears Be Removed, for the best possible chance of limited scarring? Thank you

A: Generally 1 week after surgery
Generally I remove sutures 1 week after more

Q: Midface Lift Complications
I suffered an extraordinary number of complications after an endoscopic subperiosteal midface lift including widespread nerve injuries and plateau midface syndrome as well as numerous esthetic decrements. Of those, the surgeon sutured a lump of tissue above the natural tear trough on the right side creating the appearance of a sunken eye with a dark shadow and asymmetry. Can this be reversed and, if so, by whom? Surgeons I have seen see the problem but have no idea how to fix it.

A: This is a complex issue which needs an in person consultation and full evaluation
This is a complex issue that needs an in-office consultation and a full more

Q: Is the Position of Earlobes Changed After Face and Neck Lift?
I had a face & neck lift in August 2010. The position of my earlobes has changed. I cannot wear my earrings because my right ear pierce is further away from my face than my left ear. The earrings do not hang right and look odd.
My right earlobe is very stretched and is attached to my neck, it is still sore after 8 months. My left ear is a little stretched. I have very little feeling in my face at the sides of my cheeks and around my earlobes. I have scars completely around my earlobes.

A: Can be corrected with ear augmentation
This problem can be correct with an ear lobe revision augmentation more

Q: How Long Until Swelling Is 100% Gone After Face Lift?
I am 54 yo lady. I have done my face-lift, eyes & neck in October last year and already 3 months now. All going good. I am satisfied and happy with the results. Just I still have a bit swollen/puffy on my cheeks (bottom). My question is: For how long does swollen will be gone and normal again?... Thanks for answer. Mrs. HO Australia.

A: By 6 months 95% of swelling should be gone.
By 6 months 95% of your swelling should be more

Q: What is my Plastic Surgeon Going to do?
My plastic surgeon is going to do a face-lift revision due to descending jowls and neck banding. This time he said he will "undermine" along my neck and jaw line. What does this mean? Does it include fat removal? Is "undermining" like a deep plane procedure that increases the risk of motor nerve damage?

A: Undermining means he is going to lift the skin off underlying tissues - very common technique
Undermining means he is going to lift the skin off of the underlying more

Q: Why Does a Face Lift Have to Cost So Much Money?
So many people would love to have this procedure done but they just don't have these kinds of funds. Is there a real reason why it has to be so so very expensive??? I guess you could say it is only for the rich people, and again the heck with the low income and poor people.

A: Very complicated procedure - you get what you pay for
A facelift is a very complication procedure requiring a lot of time, skill and more

Q: It is Safe to Have a Facelift 10 Days After Doing the EGC Diet? Thanks a Lot.

A: I would wait until your body gets back to its regular state
I would wait until your body gets back to its regular more

Q: What is the Biltmore Plastic Surgery Compare to Traditional Facelift?
Please explain if Biltmore lift is another name for mini facelift? If Biltmore plastic surgery is another type of surgery, how long the result lasts compare to mini facelift?

A: Just a branded facelift - marketing tactic
Many physicians create their own names for a facelift, such as this more

Q: Will Skin Continue to Tighten 10 Weeks Post Op Face/neck lift?
I am just under 10 weeks post neck lift/ lower facelift with playtsma tightening. One year ago I had lipo under my chin and this left the playtsmal banding more pronounced. Since my last surgery 10 weeks ago, as the swelling goes down, the sagging gets worse. The playtsma banding, although much improved from before surgery, is still there. I am still swollen around the ears, cheeks and under the chin. I can feel tightness and pulling when I move my neck. The scaring is healing beautifully.

A: Yes, skin tightening will continue for 6+ months
Yes, skin tightening will continue for 6+ months so just more

Q: Why Are my Ears Protruding After my Face Lift?
I had my facelift 4 days ago.. After taking off the bandages to shower I am freaking out. My ears are protruding out like dumbo...

A: Be patient, probably due to post-surgery swelling
Try and be patient, this is probably due to post-surgery more

Q: Do Most Surgeons Draw Pre-Op Surgical Markings on Your Face While You Are Unconscious?
When is the pre operative surgical markings done for a face-lift and blepharoplasty. It is before the surgery while you are awake and sitting up or after you are sedated and lying down?

A: I do while patient is awake and sitting upright
Can be both depending on the surgeon's more

Q: I Had my Face Lift Repeated Because the Undermining the First Time Was Inadequate.
I had my face lift repeated because the undermining the first time was inadequate. This time feels much better, secure and more natural. Sadly, during the same corrective procedure the surgeon cut my levator muscle when adjusting one eyelid and brow. He stitched it up in his office and says it looks fine, but my eye itches and aches, and by evening my eyeball looks like it's bulging. Is this normal post surgical? Will this correct itself? It's been two weeks since surgery.

A: Too early to tell
It is too early to tell, but I suggest you speak to your surgeon more

Q: Should I Have the Juvederm Injection Before I Have the Laser Treatment for Red and Brown Spots?

A: Same time is fine
You can have Juvederm before, after, or at the same time as a laser more

Q: Breakouts on Chin After Juvederm
I had a facelift by a reputable plastic surgeion 6 weeks ago, along with 1 syringe of Juvederm in my lips. However, for the past 3 weeks, my chin has been breaking out a LOT. Could I be allergic to the Juvederm and it's trying to work its way out of my face under my lips? Only my chin is breaking out, nowhere else. The face-lift and liposuction from my stomach for cheek injection are fine.

A: Probably not from Juvederm
Your acne is probably not from the Juvederm , especially since it is 6 weeks after the more

Q: Will Juvederm Lip Enhancement Create Lines Around Mouth?
Is There a Risk of Creating Lines Around the Mouth After a Lip Enhancement with Juvederm Once the 'Fuller' Effect Wears Off? I'm 49; no lines around the mouth yet but fairly 'loose' skin

A: No, once it wears off you will go back to baseline
Once the Juvederm wears off you will return to the way you were before the more

Q: How to Discuss Unfavorable Outcome with Surgeon After Lower Lid Injections?
A friend had Juvederm to the lower lids for under eye hollows & was performed by a Board cert. plastic surgeon. She said the Dr. only injected the tear trough area, (closest to the nose) not the entire lower lid, as she had clearly requested.
The tear trough area looks much better, but the outer lids are still hollow, which is much more noticeable now, compared to the area that was treated.
How should she approach the Dr. to discuss having the procedure done to her satisfaction?

A: Schedule a follow up appointment and tell him the truth
He will most likely inject more, and may or may not give a reduced rate for a touch up, every doctor handles this more

Q: Compared to other fillers, what are the pros and cons of Juvederm?
Which is the fastest when it comes to seeing results of Juvederm and other comparable fillers?

A: Depends on area you want treated
Juvederm is one brand of hyaluronic acid dermal more

Q: How Long Should Swelling Last After Juvederm Injections to Tear Trough Area?

A: A few days to a few weeks
Swelling should go down after a few days to a few more

Q: Bottle of Latisse Says to Store at 36-77 Degrees - Should I Store It in the Fridge?

A: No, room temperature is best
You can store Latisse at room more

Q: Need Help With A Revision Neck Lift, Looking For LA Surgeon.
I had a face/necklift in August 2010. A month after it looked like too much fat removed and muscle was prominent. 6 months later surgeon did vy plasty said too much skin still. Looked great for one month and same thing happened. I have been to 3 other surgeons, and all say this is tricky. Not enough fat left and muscle is prominent and skin is adhering. I am so depressed as the neck was the thing I went in for in the first place. Please help me with a facial doctor that is sincere in Los Angeles area.

A: I can help - in Beverly Hills
I have vast experience with revision neck lift surgery and would be more than happy to evaluate more

Q: 75 Yr Old Male in Good Health. Am I Too Old for a Neck Lift?

A: You are NOT too old for a necklift
You are definitely not too old for a necklift, I have actually treated many men in your age group who are extremely satisfied with their more

Q: Facelift, Necklift Options
I am 8 months post-op and have No improvement, in fact I am worse then pre-op. I never had any neck bands and how have many. My jaw line in droopy and the fat pad I wanted remover is still there! My PS states I signed a Medical Release and it did no guarantee a good result. She recommended a PS who does face/necks only and another PS who does eyes only. She stated it would be at my expense since she does not refund or contribute to a revision. Cost, $20,000 Please help!

A: Go get a second opinion
I would suggest you go get a 2nd opinion to see if something was done wrong, or if there were just unrealistic more

Q: Crepey, Saggy Neck at 39, What Are My Options?
I am 39 years old, generally slim and youthful in appearance. I am 5'5 and 124 pounds, and have two children. I gained and lost about 50 pounds in each pregnancy. My neck skin is extremely wrinkly, crepey, and saggy. My face and body look 35, but my neck looks like it belongs to a 55-year old. I KNOW I have some sun damage there from some severe burns I got in my teens. I am also wondering if the weight gains and losses of pregnancy contributed to the sagging. What can I do?

A: Necklift or Ulthera Ultrasound Skin Tightening
A necklift or Ulthera ultrasound skin tightening would help your neck. A neckift is much more invasive but the results are more more

Q: I Am Having Orthognathic Surgery, What is the Cost of Neck Lipo with Other Procedure?
If I am already sedated, would the cost be less?

A: I usually give a discount for combining procedures
I usually give a discount if someone wants multiple procedures done during the same more

Q: Traveling for a Face/Neck Lift and Full Recovery?
I live in central Canada but am willing to travel to the States for the procedure and recovery. Is this feasible? If so, how are pre-op consults done?

A: Absolutely possible, about 50% of my patients are from out of town
It is absolutely possible, about 50% of my patients come from out of more

Q: Is There a Non Surgical Option for the Beginnings of a Turkey Neck?
I have read that surgery is necessary to achieve a neck lift, but I am 29 years old & have just noticed that my neck has begun to sag. I thought losing the few extra pounds I put on over the last year might fix it, but at 115 lbs, I still have the dreaded gobbler.

A: Yes, Ultherapy, liposculpture and fillers may work
Yes ultherapy, liposculpture and/or fillers may more

Q: Is There a Surgery to Alter Sound of Your Voice?
Recently read about a woman who thought her voice aged her, regardless of all the other ways she managed to look young.
She claims that in the US there is a fat injection procedure to alter the vocal chords, but I can't find any information here about it. Is this a real procedure, and how many doctors can do it? To see if a chin implant may be helpful.

A: Yes there is, contact Dr. Larian in Beverly Hills
Yes there is, I would contact Dr. Larian in Beverly Hills for a consultation and more more

Q: What Are The Risks To Revison Necklift?
I had facelift/necklift 1 year ago. I had vy plasty to remove some excess skin under chin 7 months ago. My dr. wants to now do a revision of the neck. There is residual skin under my chin, appears to be scar tissue from the vy plasty as well. What are the risks of necklift revision? My dr. says he may need to fold the plastyma muscle under the chin inward and make a backcut in this muscle. Is there nerve damage risk in this type of surgery? Does backcutting cause problems? Dr. is ASPS.

A: About the same as a primary necklift
The overall risks of revision facelift and neck lift should not be any higher than the primary face and neck lift if surgeon is more

Q: Neck Creases/rolls
I am not overweight and only in my mid 20's. Ever since I was little I've had these neck rolls. What can I do to get rid of them!

A: There are options, Ultherapy, chin implant, liquid facelift
There are options, Ultherapy, chin implant, liquid more

Q: Is a Necklift Revison the Best Course of Action Here?
I had a face/necklift one year ago. Then I had a vy plasty done under the chin 7 months ago. This is the result I still have. My doctor wants to do a re-do of the necklift. That means a third surgery. I am really afraid at this point to do more surgery. My surgeon is highly respected and the best in his field. What to do?

A: Yes, but there are other techniques
Yes, but there are other techniques such as Ultherapy and a liquid more

Q: What Procedure Would Be Appropriate for my Neck?
I'm pretty young (19) but I've been noticing more recently that my neck appears rather fleshy, like the neck line droops down too close to my chin. I'm pretty fit, so I think it's genetics - but I'm not sure if that's fat in my neck. I assume part of it is because I have a small chin, but I don't think I want to consider a chin implant as that seems more risky. Is there any possible neck liposuction or neck lift I could do? The former would seem more ideal for my age but I've no idea.

A: Liposculpture, Ulthera, chin implant or dermal fillers may be an option
Liposcupture to the neck, ulthera, chin implant or dermal fillers may be an option for you due to your more

Q: How Long Does Neck Lift Swelling Last?
I'm 6 weeks into my healing and I'm still very swollen under my jaw. When I came home from the procedure I was swollen like a watermelon it was enormous. The swelling is about half the size it was but I'm concerned because it seems to have slowed down and staying the same size since about a week 1/2. I still can't go out in public because the swelling is so noticeable. I'm worried that something might be wrong and I don't see my doctor till next week. What can I do to help with the swelling until I see him again or should I ask to see him early?

A: Contact your surgeon and schedule a follow up ASAP
I would contact your surgeon and schedule a follow up consultation asap to ensure there are no more

Q: Low Cost Options for Turkey Neck
I Do Not Have a lot of $ and I Want to Do Something with my Turkey Neck, Perhaps Lipo?

A: There are other options, liposculpture or Ulthera
There are other options including liposculpture or more

Q: Do I Need a Neck Lift?
My neck has always been a problem for me. My weight is constantly fluctuating (which I don't mind) but my neck makes me never want to take pictures because I feel like I'm missing my neck and instead I just have skin from the chin to the bottom of my neck. I'm considering cosmetic surgery but am unsure what exact procedure I will need. I'd appreciate any advice.

A: Perhaps liposculpture or Ulthera
Liposculpture or Ulthera may more

Q: I Had a Neck Lift About 7 Months Ago. Is It Possible to Have Ultherapy Now or Later?
I had a neck lift 7 months ago and I still can feel the numbness by my ear. Is it possible to have ultherapy now or should I wait.

A: Absolutely. Ultherapy would be ideal after surgery for remaining loose skin.
Absolutely. Ultherapy would be ideal after surgery to help improve any loose skin more

Q: Will my Chin Look More Defined if I Combine Chin Liposuction with a Neck Lift?
How common is it for patients to have both a neck lift and chin liposuction done?

A: Very common to combine liposuction with a neck lift
very commonly done more

Q: Asymmetry After Necklift
I had a bleed underneath my jawline after necklift surgery. This caused my tissues underneath my skin to thicken. My left jawline is bigger then my right jawline. It is very, very noticeable. Is there anything that can correct asymmetry due to scar tissue build up?

A: likely will require revisonal surgery...I would wait at least 6 months before proceeding.
It likely will require revisonal more

Q: Can I Have a Necklift After Disappointing Results w/ Lifestyle Lift and Lower Facelift?
I Had a LSL Done 4 Years Ago. It Turned out Awful. I Sought Additional Help. And had to do another lower facelift procedure to fix the LSL scars, etc. Less then 3 years later I have the loose skin reappearing in my neck area. I spent over $20,000. I asked the surgeon who "fixed" the LSL procedure if I was a good candidate for the under the chin incision, neck muscle procedure. He said no. But now I think that was the way to go here. I am only 46 and I did not need a facelift. I only wanted my neck tightened. Can I have that done soon? How long should one wait?

A: Yes, revisional surgery is the answer
Yes, revisional surgery is the more

Q: I Had a Facelift, Neck Lift, Upper and Lower Lids Done, a Nose Tipplasty and Juvederm and I Still Look the Same!
I had all this plastic surgery on my face and after a month its all back. I have a hollow under my eyes which looked great after the surgery because I was swollen. But now everything is coming back. My jowls are hanging and my neck. One eye is small and the other is big. My nose looks bigger than before the surgery and it started after one month! I spent a fortune on this and I don't know what to do. My doctor said he could do lipo on my jowls and neck but that doesn't seem right. I'm so upset.

A: Get a 2nd opinion
I would suggest getting a 2nd opinion from another more

Q: What's the Best Solution for my Neck?
I plan on having a chin augmentation done in conjunction with a neck lift. I have gone to 4 different plastic surgeons for consuls and each gave a different diagnosis for how to address the neck lift. Their recommendations ranged from just using liposuction to using liposuction in conjunction with removing excess skin and altering neck muscles. How should I go about determining which physician's recommendation is the best way to go for my situation?

A: Go with the surgeon with the most experience and who you feel the most comfortable with
I would suggest to go to the surgeon who has the most experience in this more

Q: Are Drainage Tubes Used for Neck Lift and/or Face Lift?
I need a revision to my neck lift. Some doctors are saying the use of drainage tubes is obsolete. My original surgeon used them and I was left with a lot of scar tissue where the tubes were. He said it was a fibrotic reaction. A friend had a face-lift without the tubes and had a great amount of swelling from built up fluid that caused problems with healing. I am confused. If my original surgeon does the revision he will use them again. Is there anything I can do to prevent the fibrotic reaction?

A: Both options are still utilized and should be customized
Both options are still utilized and need to be customized to the type of face and neck more

Q: If You Are on Blood Thinner Can You Get Lift?
I had valve replacement and am on warafin blood thinner. Can I get neck lift?

A: Not recommended, discuss with your cardiologist first
I would not recommend a face and neck lift if you are on blood thinners such as coumadin or more

Q: 2 Months Post Neck Lift: Experiencing Hair Loss and Uneven Results
I'm a 31 yo male, and I had a neck lift (platysmaplasty + lipo) 2 months ago. However, about 85% of the affected area is still numb and the right side under my chin is clearly bulkier than left side. I also lost my beard in several areas under my chin and those bare spots are very noticeable.
Question #1 Will my beard grow back under my chin? Question # 2 - Can I expect any further improvement on the right side of my chin? Thank you in advance!

A: Beard will likely grow back, usually takes 6 months to heal
Most likely the beard will grow back after neck lift as the hair follicles probably got "stunned" and will need to more

Q: How Should I Look 2 Weeks After Lower Facelift / Neck Lift?
I had lower face and neck lift surgery 2 weeks ago. Everybody that I have spoken to who has had this surgery has had immediate results in the neck area. My neck still looks very strange and more saggy under the chin than this normal? Also the edges of my face and one ear are completely long before my skin feels like it belongs to me again?

A: 2 weeks is far too early to judge results, just be patient
Two weeks is way too early to judge the results of a neck lift and more

Q: What Would Be the Best Non-invasive Facelift for a 28 Year Old?
I'm 28 and my face has started to sag slightly compared to before 25. I would like a mild facelift treatment to get that youthful look back, but don't feel ready for surgical options. So the options I'm considering are: 1.Radiofrequency treatment to the face 2.Juvederm (or Radiesse) - would injections to the upper cheeks really 'lift' the face as it's advertised? 3.Infrared rays to the face. Which would work best for someone my age, in terms of (A) effectiveness, and (B) long-term safety?

A: Dermal fillers will probably do the trick
Dermal fillers such as Juvederm, restylane, radiesse and/or Sculptra will be your best more

Q: New Ultrasound Facelift - How Good is It Really?
I saw the new tonight and they showed an Austin, TX Dr. performing it. Does this really work? I had a horrible CO2 laser procedure done around my eyes that left my skin crepy and wrinkled. I've tried TCA peels but nothing works to fix it. I'm only 41 and look great except under my right eye.

A: The new Ulthera does work, but it sounds like you might need something else
I have the Ulthera in my office, and it does give certain patients wonderful more

Q: What is the Average Price Range for Cosmetic Nose Surgery?
What does that price range depend on?

A: Depends on city/state and level of expertise
The price really depends on the more

Q: Deciding on a Doctor from Overseas
I'm an Australian resident. I wish to have revision rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation. I prefer to have the operations in the USA because it's cheaper (average cost of rhinoplasty alone is a minimum of $10,000 in Australia) and I believe the general quality of the work is higher in the USA. Can anyone offer any advice about how to decide on the right surgeon for me from abroad? I prefer a Californian surgeon.

A: Come to Beverly Hills - Center for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery
My center in Beverly Hills would be a great fit for more

Q: Is It Possible to Get a Photograph?
I am going for a revision rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. I would like a picture showing me what I may look like is this possible? I am scared to have something done without me knowing what I might look like.

A: Yes with 3D Imaging
At my office in Beverly Hills we offer Vectra 3D imaging, which takes a picture of your face and we can morph it so you can see results before agreeing to the more

Q: What is the Price Difference Between Regions?
I live in Kenosha, WI right between Milwaukee, WI & Chicago, IL. What is the price difference between these areas? I have concerns with who I go through for my next rhino since my original surgeon did a hack job 14yrs ago and my nose is still a mess from a break. Help?

A: Don't worry about price, find the most experienced surgeon you feel comfortable with
You should not be worried about the price, especially if this is a revision more

Q: Seeking Top Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in US for Ethnic Style/type Nose (But Not Ethnic)
This will be my second surgery after having had the first one well over a decade ago. I am looking for a mature (in age) surgeon that has performed thousands of revision surgeries and ideally only focuses on rhinoplasties. My nose has afro-Caribbean features - wide nose, slightly bulbous tip and large nostrils. I am not however of Africean origin - my family from India! I have inherited this nose from my father and desperately seek to find the right Dr.

A: Beverly Hills is your place
There are tremendous differences among ethnic groups, and significant variations within ethnic groups.  We strive to maintain your ethnic look while improving outstanding more

Q: How Long Before I Can Pursue a Bone Graft Removal Post-Revision?
After my primary, my surgeon suggested I need to build my bridge up and that he could do that by using freeze dried cadaver bone. Everything he said sounded fine. It's been 4 weeks since the surgery and I very much so regret having the revision. The contours of the bone are very evident and the nose like it almost projects out again. I would like to remove the bone graft. It is physically painful and I always feel the pressure on my bridge, which is distracting throughout the day.

A: At least 12 months
you have to speak to your surgeon about this...I think that it is always prudent to wait at least six months to remove any more

Q: Would Revision Rhinoplasty Be Easier if I Stick to the Same Surgeon?
I am thinking of having a revision rhinoplasty, and I liked the first result but wish to have some minor touch ups done. Should I stick to the same surgeon? Is it easier/better because she knows what she did the first time, or is it all the same if I just go to another plastic surgeon? What's more advisable and most likely to get the best results?

A: Stick with same surgeon
I would suggest to stick with the same surgeon as they are familiar what was done during the 1st more

Q: Where does the cartilage come from for a rhinoplasty revision for a pinched tip?
My wife wants a rhinoplasty revision for a pinched tip; how is it possible to add back what was once taken away? Where does the extra cartilage come from?

A: Usually from the ear but may require rib cartilage if issue is significant
Yes, i call it "reverse rhinoplasty" we usually use ear cartilage but may require rib cartilage if the issue is more

Q: Post-rhinoplasty in Office Scraping?
I had a septorhinoplasty done in Dec 2010. During my last post op (July 2011) my surgeon told me that he would like to do some more scraping to remove a bump on the bridge of my nose and to shave down some more of the lower part of my nose (top of tip)He told me that he would only administer anesthesia similar to that given when removing wisdom teeth. What i would like to know, is what is the recovery like for a procedure like this? How long until I am healed & do i have to wear bandages?

A: Depends on the amount of surgery.
It is possible, it really depends on the amount of more

Q: How Long Do I Need to Wait for Revision Tip Plasty?
Hey. I had tip plasty performed nearly a month ago. It was to raise the tip of my nose slightly because it was too long for me face and dipped a lot when I smiled which made me incredible self-conscious. I'd always put my hand over my face when I smiled. Now it has been done, he has not raised the tip at all. It is just a bit swollen. How long to I have to wait to get it done again? Thanks X

A: Must wait at least 12 months to assess issues at hand
You really should wait at least 12 months to assess the true issues at hand once you are 100% done more

Q: Used Q-Tips Post Rhinoplasty And Nose is Constantly Worsening- Do I Need A Revision?
i had a rhinoplasty a year ago and it was perfect but the result has been constantly worsening or scar tissue accumulating and losing its original bony shape...i never touched it but i used q-tips for a prolonged period and i once hit the sidewall mildly hard with a cottonless q-tips stick ( i had forgot i removed the cotton and so it was plastic) when i was 8 months post-op. now that side of my nose is lumpier and the nostril is little bigger, will this heal with time or do i need a tip revision

A: Likely won't get better. Should get evaluated by a revision rhinoplasty expert
Unfortunately it is likely your nose won't get more

Q: Should I Be Concerned w/Post Revision Rhino Bleeding, 5 Days After
This was my second revision. From my right nostril, which is the one with the most work, I find traces of fresh blood when I clean it with a q tip. Seems like it's still bleeding slightly where the stitches are because I can see dry blood around them. Should I be concerned? Please advise. Thanks.

A: No this is normal
No. Normal. Only of you have bright red blood that requires changing of gauze every 20 min or more is more

Q: 4 Weeks Post Op, Hate my Nose
I am 4 weeks out from revisional (10 years ago) closed rhino to reduce bump on bridge and narrow the tip, no bones were broken. When I had my cast off it looked good, I had a slight curve and tip was raised a bit. Now it looks like a swollen blob on the left side and on the same side it looks like my hump is there. On my right it looks decent but not great, and my tip has dropped too. I am wondering if this is what happens and it will go back to looking like it did after cast removal?

A: Need to wait, still very early
You need to wait.  There is still a lot of swelling and your nose should continue to more

Q: Bad Nose Job- Seeking Revision.
Hello, I had a nose job about a year ago and I'm unhappy with my results. Should I seek revision? Also, what exactly is wrong with my nose? Why is there a depression at the junction between the tip and the bridge? What did my surgeon do wrong?

A: Yes, if you are unhappy I would find a revision rhinoplasty specialist and go in for a consult
Yes, if you are still unhappy with your results i would find the best revision rhinoplasty specialist in your area and schedule a more

Q: Can Nasal Tip Surgery Be Reversed?
I recently had nasal tip surgery, and am on my 10th day of recovery. I had a lot of cartilage in my nasal tip pushing downwards. I know its very early to judge, but I am so disappointed with the results. Where my surgeon has removed the cartilage slightly it exposes my nostrils a lot and I hate it. I want to know weather this is to with swelling? And once that goes down so will my nostrils. I want to know if it possible to reverse this procedure slightly,

A: Be patient, you are still healing
You need to be patient as you are still more

Q: I'm Looking for the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Newport Beach for a Nose Job?

A: I am up in Beverly Hills but have patients fly in from around the world
I am a double board facial plastic surgeon and ENT up in Beverly Hills, so have special expertise in the function and aesthetic of the more

Q: Use of Filler After Unsuccessful Septo-Rhinoplasty - Doctor Recommendation for Orange County, CA
Had septo rhinoplasty 3wks ago. Unhappy that I have same problem as before. Which is a curve on 1 side and straight on other. I don't want anything fancy but want it straight & symmetric. My doctor said he could not accomplish this because the upper lat.
Cartilage is pulled away because of a broken nose from 20yrs ago. This would have been good to know b4 surgery. He recommended a filler. What kind is best? Does it actually work? Any experienced surgeons w this in orange county ca? No revisions... too much risk

A: Wait before using any fillers
You should wait before using any more

Q: Normal to Have a Lot of Asymmetric Tip Swelling 8 Months Post Open Rhinoplasty?
My left side is more swollen and there is a bump inside the top of my nose next to my septum and on the right side I feel a bally/knot under my skin. I also formed a Callus on the top of my bridge that is noticeable in pictures and people think it's a bruise sometimes. AND my nose looks horrible in pictures. My Surgeon hasn't been much help and just says it should all heal in time. I don't feel convinced especially after coming across some bad reviews about him AFTER I had the Surgery.

A: Must wait at least 12 months to assess issues at hand
At this point you have to be patient and wait for at least 12 months (from the time of your surgery) to really assess the issues at more

Q: How Much Swelling Will the Tip Go Down
I just got my rhinoplasty 4 days ago, and I told my doctor not to touch my tip but it's evident that he did. All my life I wanted a nose job, but now I'm starting to regret my decision to get one. Is my swelling on my tip normal? or is it abnormal? When should I expect it to get less? I hate my nose :( wah

A: Don't worry - this is just post-surgical swelling and will go down
Don't worry, this is just post-surgical swelling and will go more

Q: Is What I Saw After Removing my Cast my Final Rhinoplasty Result?
I'm 11 days post op and when I removed my cast I thought my nose looked really ugly and I looked like a pig, but now 3 days after removing my cast, my nose has gotten a little puffier and it looks way better than it did when I removed the cast. I heard when you remove the cast that's what it will look like. Is it because my tip was higher? I hope it ends up looking more like it does 3 days after removing it then before.

A: No, final results will be visible after 1 year
Right now you still have a lot of swelling, so no this is not the final more

Q: Is It Too Soon to Remove the Splint Just 4 Days After Surgery?
I've recently had septorhinoplasty. I trust my doctor completely. He has plenty of experience and good reviews. I had my surgery on the 4th and the splints supposed to be removed on the 8th. Is this too soon? I only ask because I've read plenty about the surgery before having it, and it surprises me that it's going to be done this soon. Should I be worried?

A: Depends on what was done. Go with your doc's recommendation.
Removing your splint early really depends on what exactly was done during your more

Q: Excessive Bleeding 4 Days Post Rhinoplasty-can It Affect the Final Result?
5 days ago I had a quite extensive rhinoplasty (osteotomy + correction of nasal septum. There was more work done on the left side of the nose since I damaged that part during an accident 2 yrs ago, yesterday all of the sudden I got excessive bleeding from this side, is stopped & started 3 times the first time was very scary since about 1/3 of a cereal bowl of blood came rushing out. Thankfully my doctor made a house call and "packed" it again for 2 days. Can this sort of complication affect final shape of nose?

A: Not likely to affect the final result
Excessive bleeding post surgery is not likely to affect the final more

Q: Still Asymmetry 17 Days After Rhinoplasty, Will It Get Better?
Hello. On the left, it is not swollen. I can feel my bone when I run my finger along my nose. On the right side, the "squishy layer" is so thick, I feel a swollen layer, I don't feel my bone when I run my finger along the nose, and my nose is so numb. It is causing the bridge to looks wider on this side. When I push gently, my bones feel symmetrical though. I slept and laid down on the right side, it may be the reason why. Bruising was also considerably worse on this side. Will it get better?

A: You need to be patient and wait
You need to be patient and wait, it is not uncommon for there to still be a lot of swelling and possible asymmetry just weeks after more

Q: Had Open Rhinoplasty 15 Days Ago For Large Dorsal Hump, Still Pronounced and Hard and Bony, Will This Change?
i had open rhinoplasty 14 days ago to turn up my tip and reduce a dorsal hump, the size of my nose is not reduced and the hump is still large and feels like bone and not swelling. I'm unhappy as my nose is still not straight and bent looking

A: It is too soon to see final result
It is too soon to see the final result, however after a few more months if you are still unsatisfied I would discuss next steps with your more

Q: 6 Months Post Rhinoplasty with Osteotomies - Still Bleeding and Cannot Breathe
I am exactly 6 months post-op from a closed Rhinoplasty. My surgeon took down the dorsal hump, removed cartilage from the tip and performed lateral osteotomies. Since the surgery, my nose bleeds everyday - not a lot but enough to be annoying. Mostly when I blow my nose or feel like I have to clean it out. Also, when I lay down at night, I cannot breathe out of my left nostril. Is this normal? I cannot post my pictures b/c I work for a plastic surgeon.

A: Keep your nose lubricated with Vaseline and saline rinse.
Make sure your nose is lubricated appropriately with Vaseline and saline more

Q: Can I go in Public 6 days Post Open Rhinoplasty?
19 yr old Caucasian female - getting septum straightened, tip refined, hump shaved down -open nosed rhinoplasty Basically just trying to get an accurate idea of how I will look because I have an important meeting 6 days after surgery that cant be moved.

A: Should wait at least a week or two after surgery
You should wait at least a week or two after your surgery before you can expect to look presentable for an important more

Q: Can Laughing and Smiling 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty Effect the Final Results?
Hi, I had a septorhinoplasty about 2 and half weeks ago. The healing was going great. Last night, however, I laughed and smiled for a few minutes after my shower, and felt some pressure at the base (and a bit all over) of my nose. Then I spent a while checking from all angles if things had changed. I didn't contort at all, just looked. It seems my bridge is wider and my tip less prominent. Are the day-to-day/hour-to-hour fluctuations just messing with me, or could I have done something?

A: It will not effect final result
Smiling and laughing is a good thing! more

Q: Is It Possible For an Xray of Nose to Show Prior Trauma?
Hi there, I was curious to know if it is possible for me to get an xray taken of my nose and if a doctor is able to see from the results if my nose had been broken in the past (6-8years ago). I know that during my early teen years my nose was hurt multiple times but I feel that as I am a male I can only justify getting my dorsal hump straightened out if it can be proved that my surgery is more "corrective" than improving something that was more likely hereditary. Thanks very much!

A: CT scan would be more sensitive in finding old fractures
It may be, but a CT scan would be more sensitive in finding old fractures so i suggest more

Q: Why Do Steroid Injections After Rhinoplasty Only Provide Temporary Relief?
I'm two months post-rhinoplasty. I was given a cortisone injection a week after the operation and the swelling went way down but a few weeks later my nose got more swollen. I was given another injection at 7 weeks post-rhinoplasty and after only two days the swelling went away and my nose looked amazing but as of a week later it's getting bigger/more swollen again. It still looks pretty good right now but it looked even better before.

A: Steroids are only artificially reducing the swelling, you need to wait
Likely that Steroids are only artificially reducing your more

Q: Is Rhinoplasty Affordable for a College Student?
I'd like to know if a rhinoplasty operation is affordable for a college student living at home with his parents working a part-time job that makes around $7-$12 dollars an hour. I'm set on getting a rhinoplasty operation, but am not sure if I can afford it based on my limited income for the time being.

A: A rhinoplasty is an expensive procedure
A rhinoplasty is an extensive procedure and should not be done if you are going to be looking for a 'budget' more

Q: Does My Skin Type Effect Recovery Time After Rhinoplasty?
I had a closed rhinoplasty (remove a hump) three months ago. My nose is still pretty swollen. I went to my surgeon and he said that this is due to my skin type. Alhough my skin is not thick at all but apparently it just swells. My doctor suggested that I remove the tape on my nose for a couple of weeks. He thinks maybe I'm kind of allergic to the tape. Have you surgeons seen any case like this? And if you have, what's the solution and how long should I wait to see the final result of rhinoplasty?

A: Yes it can happen, generally due to thickness of the skin, agree with removing tape
Yes it can happen - generally due to the thickness of the more

Q: Does Taking Motrin Help Alleviate Swelling After Rhinoplastic Surgery?

A: Not in the 1st two weeks as it increases risk of bleeding
Definitely not in the first two weeks as it increases risk of more

Q: Can I Scratch the Dead Skin on my Nose off I Month After Rhinoplasty
There is what looks like dead skin all over the tip of my more

A: Wash your face gently and it should come off
Be gentle, but yes you can wash your face even with a light exfoliator to help remove some of the flaking skin.

Q: 3 Weeks Post-Op and Nose Tip Was Over Corrected, Now I Have A Piggy Nose, Will This Possibly Change?
I'm 3 weeks post-op and I'm worrying about my nose... It looks very upturned and I don't know if it'll stay that way. I had an open septorhinoplasty, reduce a bump and correct a droopy nose with a strut! My nose is taped (my ps wants to prevent weight on the bridge), he says that my nasal tip will drop but I'm nervous looking at me right now. Why the tape? Why my nose looks too upturned? will it drop after the tape is removed? The collumella looks big due to swelling? will it shrink?

A: Need to wait, 3 weeks is very early
You need to wait, at 3 weeks you are still in the healing more

Q: Question About Touching Nose Post Rhinoplasty
I was touching my nose (I've only done this like 5 times since my surgery) and I accidentally pushed down a little hard on the tip and felt a minor sharp pain but it wasn't a hit it was a slight push, I'm 9 months post op will this ruin my results)

A: You will be fine
9 months after surgery you are almost 100% healed so should be more

Q: Will Taping the Tip of my Nose a Month After the Surgery Still Help with my Results?
I had a rhinoplasty about a month ago. I noticed that my tip is looking long and it is going a bit down but when I tape my tip and pull it a bit up it gives the result I wanted. So my question is will taping my nose tip help? Thank you

A: No, the tapping is used to control swelling not the alter the shape
No, the tapping is used to control swelling not the alter the more

Q: Ear Cartilage and Fascia?
Generally speaking, how many millimeters can 1 ear cartilage augment (the bridge)? This number will vary but what is an approx. typical number? What about fascia? 1-2mm?

A: Depends on how it is fashioned and placed.
Depends on how it's fashioned and more

Q: Can a Bone Asymmetry Be Improved 11 Days After Rhinoplasty Before the Bone "Settles"?
Two of my concerns before surgery were a nasal hump and bone asymmetry. The bone seems to have been filed down the correct amount to give me a straight profile on both sides. However, when seen from one angle, the nose looks straight, and when seen from the other angle it looks as though I still have a bump. I attribute this to a persistent asymmetry and suspect the bone was not broken to correct this (only filed down). Can pushing down on the bone improve the outcome before the bone "settles"?

A: Possibly yes, but I wouldn't advise
Possibly yes but most of the time this is due to asymmetry and I wouldn't advise going back at such an early more

Q: What Should I Use For My Scars After Open Rhinoplasty?
Hello I had a revison open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and my scars is very weird , it's bigger then before and my nostrils are not the same but it was like that before so what should i do for my scar can i use kelo-cote or it's just swollen and when is it going to be the same height of the bottom part. thank you

A: There are scar creams available, but just be patient
There are scar creams available, you can also do some Fraxel laser over the scars, but be patient, they should heal just fine on their more

Q: Is Rhinoplasty Completely Reversible?
I had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. The doctor raised my bridge with permacol and tip with ear+septal cartilage but I am not happy with the plastic look of my nose and all I want is having my old nose back. I am just wondering if it is possible to reverse the surgery, i.e to remove whatever the doctor put in my nose without getting the nose collased or deformed. If possible, is it a complicated procedure and considered as a revision or is it just simply removing grafts? Can I have this done ASAP?

A: Not completely reversable, but a revision rhinoplasty is possible after 1+ year
It is not possible to go completely back to your original nose, but after you are finished healing (at least a year) if you are still unhappy you can consider a revisino more

Q: Is This My Final Result 8 Weeks Post-Op?
hi i had rhinoplasty done 8weeks ago ,and i HATE what the surgeon has done to me. the nose is not straight one nostril is obviously bigger and higher and different size to the other and the nose is too upturned which makes it look piggy like and the nostrils show too much. my surgeon keeps saying its swelling but i dont believe him i think he messed up

A: Not 100% final but almost
At only 8 weeks it is not 100% final, but is almost more

Q: Pain During Recovery from Rhinoplasty Surgery?
How much pain is involved, how much bleeding should I expect after rhinoplasty surgery? Will the pain from swelling and bruising start to subside in about 2 weeks?

A: Everyone is different
Everyone has a different pain tolerance, and the specifics of your surgery will also determine the amount of pain and post-treatment healing more

Q: How Can I Help Healing of Columella Incision?
I am 3 weeks post op and I am wondering if I should be doing anything to help with the healing of the columella incision (stair-step incision). Should I put mederma, or bacitracin on it daily to help so it doesn't scar? Or, should I just let nature takes it course and leave it alone? Thank you!

A: HybriSil, sunscreen and vitamin E
I usually recommend Hybrisil for about 6 weeks at this more

Q: Could I Have Done Damage 6 Weeks Post-Op By Bumping My Nose?
I was looking at something and moved my head too close to a wall. i felt the tip of my nose press against the wall and moved my head back. How will this affect my nose 6 and a half weeks after rhinoplasty?

A: Should be OK but consult with your surgeon
You should be OK from this bump, but please consult with your surgeon just to be absolutely more

Q: Could an Inexperienced Doctor Have Hurt my Rhinoplasty Result?
Had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty on August 1st almost 4 weeks ago. I had post-ops with my surgeon -a facial plastic surgeon and Otolaryngologist. I was experiencing increased soreness in my nose and discharge. My doc is on vacation, so I was given an appointment with another otolaryngologist in the practice who is not a facial plastic surgeon. During the appointment he squeezed/pinched down the length of my nose, which hurt a little and worried me. Do you think he could have damaged something?

A: Highly unlikely
It is highly unlikely the new surgeon caused any more

Q: My Nose Is Flat And Wide, Am I A Candidate For Rhinoplasty?
I am 14 and I want to get a nose job when I am 18 but my nose is not normal I don't know how to describe it because it's really weird it's flat from the top and fat from the sides. My parents and everyone in my family has a normal nose except from me and my sister her nose is also like mine but I have never seen ANYONE with a nose like ours so I really want to know why its like that. I have never had breathing difficulties or any other problems with my nose but it looks weird. Please help me.

A: Absolutely, but try to wait until you are 16.
Your nose is that way because of genetics, and your concerns are very common among the patients we see desiring a more

Q: Any Suggestions for Rhinoplasty Revision Specialist in NY or Los Angeles?
I am looking for top revision specialist in NY or Los Angeles. I heard a lot about Dr. Sam Rizk in NY and Andrew Frankel in LA. Any thoughts? I want to get this right this time. I want this to be my last surgery.

A: Come for a consultation in Beverly Hills
I would urge you to come for a consultation in Beverly more

Q: Is Moisturizer with Salicylic Acid Safe to Use One Month After Rhinoplasty?
I had Septorhinoplasty almost 5.5 weeks ago. After 4 weeks, I started using a moisturizer (called Garnier Long-lasting shine control). I applied too much I think tonight--there was a slight burning sensation on the bridge of my nose. I looked up the ingredients online--turns out there is a small amount of salicylic acid in it (NOT advertised on the box/container). Could this change the result, say by widening my narrowed bridge or causing the hump to return? Is it safe to use? Should I switch?

A: Your moisturizer should be fine
It should be fine to use your moisturizer with salicylic more

Q: If I Volunteered at a Practice Do You Think a Surgeon Would Give Me a Free Procedure?
I really want a nose job but neither me or my parents can afford it with the high cost of my college tuition. Do you think if I volunteered at a practice for 100 hours they would agree to do the procedure for free and if so how should I go about asking? Please be honest, I don't want to make a fool out of myself or anything.

A: This will be difficult to find, but make a consultation with the best doctor in your area
It will be difficult for you to find a physician willing to do more

Q: Nose is Too Short After Rhinoplasty, 1 Week Post-Op
It's been almost a week after my rhinoplasty. At this time I feel like my nose is too short and pushed up. I know that could be caused by swelling, but how will I know for sure? I am very unhappy with how I look because of this. Please help!

A: Be patient, you are still healing
You need to be patient as you are still more

Q: Weird Smell In My Nose 6 Weeks Post-Op, Could This Be Infection?
Hi I'm about 6 weeks post op from a rhinoplasty. When I go to clean my nose I can smell this weird scent in my nose. It's like imp smelling my own nose. Could this scent in my nose be an infection?

A: Possibly, go back to see your surgeon ASAP
This could be a sign of many things and you need to follow up with your surgeon ASAP for more

Q: How Long Do I Have to Wait After Rhinoplasty to Go Tanning?
I need to go tanning and I have to know how long I have to wait..Asap!!

A: Do a spray tan
I am never an advocate of tanning, and would urge you to try a self-tan or spray more

Q: Was an Ear Cartilage Graft Necessary in This Rhinoplasty Scenario?
I suffered an injury to my nose, which pushed the cartilage to the side; my nose had a twisted appearance as a result. I had a rhinoplasty to help improve the appearance, i.e., to redistribute cartilage to the other side to achieve balance. To do this my surgeon took ear cartilage to the left side. Was this necessary to rebuild the nose? Couldn't the excess cartilage from the right have been taken to use instead? Or, is it impossible to use certain cartilage once it has been injured?

A: Very reasonable to use ear cartilage
It is very reasonable to use ear cartilage for your more

Q: 3 months post op, still congested and asymmetry, is it normal?
My right nostril is stuffed up most of the time (the right one has more discharge, gets cleaned easily and feels great). Also, the right side of my nose looks larger (I blame the swelling for that) and I occasionally get little spots of blood on the q-tip. The nose is very tender still. I have bumped it lots of times since doesn't hurt but feels weird if I make facial expressions and I still can't clean the skin properly. 

A: Yes, that is normal
Yes it is normal as you are only 3 months more

Q: My Surgeon Cut the Depressor Septi Muscle to Stop my Nose Drooping when I Smile but There's Little Improvement. What Can I Do?
Hi, My nose tip droops when I smile and the bridge becomes more curved like a 'roman nose'. The surgeon only cut the depressor septi muscle and interestingly the bridge of my nose is straighter when I am not smiling, however there is little improvement in the drooping of the tip when I am smiling. Is it possible the surgeon cut the wrong muscle? Is there anything I can do? Thank you so much in advance

A: You likely need tip reconstruction with structural support to prevent the dropping
You likely need tip reconstruction with structural support to prevent the more

Q: How Does Septal/Rib Cartilage Feel Post-op?
If rib cartilage is used on the bridge and septal cartilage is used on the tip, would the tip be stiff or would it be somewhat mobile as apposed to rib in the tip?

A: Depends on level of structural support. Most of the time, if extensive structural grafts are used, your tip will feel stiff.
Depends on level of structural more

Q: Why Is There Fluid Retention in Nose 6 Months Post Rhinoplasty?
I had open Rhinoplasty 6 months ago for raising tip. At first weeks my nose always swelled when I wake up in the morning. At the 4 month this problem has decreased a lot and swelling has also gone. Last week my nose started to swell significantly when I wake up in the morning. And this time it stays the same for days.  It doesn't improve like before. I am visiting my surgeon after a week, but I am really worried. What is going on??

A: Although there may still be swelling it should not be getting worse, see your surgeon
Although at 6 months there may still be swelling, it should not be getting worse as you more

Q: Can Different Sized Nostrils Be Changed?
Can Different Sized Nostrils Be Changed?

A: Yes, nostril symmetry can be improved in rhinoplasty
Yes, nostril symmetry can be improved during a rhinoplasty more

Q: Will A Bethametasone Injection For A Cold Interfered With Rhino Results?
Hello, I had a rhinoplasty almost 3 weeks ago, my ears have been clogged for a couple days and I have a swollen throat so my doctor prescribed me with a bethametasome intramuscular injection. Will this interfere with my rhinoplasty result?

A: No
No, a bethametasone injection will not interfere with your rhinoplasty results, do not more

Q: Stitch Stuck 5-6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty. How Do I Remove It?
All healed nicely, accept a few days ago I felt something rough under my nostril, after further investigation I discovered its the end of a non dissolvable stitch! I tried tugging on it with tweezers but it feels like its attached firm to the top of my lip on the inside. How would I get it out? Returning to the surgeon is not an option.

A: If you cannot go back to your surgeon, find a new one
You need to find a new surgeon to follow your results as well as help now to get the stick more

Q: Normal to Still Have Stitch 1 Month Post- Op?
Hi I had a rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago and I've noticed that on the corner of my nostril there's a black stitch there. Is that normal to still have a stitch in your nose 5 weeks post op?

A: Not very unusual
Probably a small stitch that still needs to be more

Q: I've Been Touching Nose After Rhinoplasty, Will I Damage My Results?
I've been touching my nose A LOT after rhinoplasty and accidently hit my nose twice. After reading how bad touching it is after rhinoplasty I am TERRIFIED that I have caused some damage to my new nose. Right now my nose still looks perfect. I have thick skin and have not noticed any changes. And I hate myself for possibly ruining my new nose. I am 2 weeks post op and 1 week has passed since the cast was removed. Do you think I have ruined my nose??

A: Everything should be fine, talk to your surgeon
Everything should be fine, but please talk to your surgeon to ensure in more

Q: Can Smiling & Laughing Affect The Final Results of a Columellar Strut?
Can smiling, laughing, and yawning after the placement of a columellar strut affect final results? Thank you

A: No, should be fine
No, laughing and smiling should be fine post surgery and will not affect the more

Q: Rhinoplasty with 65 Years Old Surgeon?
My friend advice me good, experience, board certificated surgeon in my area, I am just not sure because he is 64 years old- is it plus (experience) or minus?

A: Age is not important, expertise is key
The age of the surgeon is not important, just be sure that they have expertise and this type of more

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