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The ultimate goal of revision rhinoplasty surgery is to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing nose that fits the patient’s face and desires. Patients who are seeking revision rhinoplasty require special expertise in the function and aesthetics of the nose. This procedure is carried our at least 1 year after the initial surgery and is designed to correct any issues you are unhappy with. Sometimes a revision rhinoplasty is needed because healing happens in an unexpected way, and sometimes because you are just not happy with the results.


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Different Revision Rhinoplasty Treatments:

  • Treatment of the Short Nose (Overturned Nose)
  • Treatment of Nasal Tip Bossae – “Reverse Rhinoplasty”
  • Treatment of Persistent Nasal Hump
  • Treatment of Over-Resected Nose
  • Treatment for Persistently Twisted Nose
  • Treatment of “Pinched Nose Deformity”
  • Treatment of Asymmetric Nostrils

Patients who present for revision rhinoplasty surgery will require an in-depth evaluation with Dr. Azizzadeh or Dr. Cabin to determine the cause of the unsatisfactory results with their initial rhinoplasty at our Beverly Hills office. Many patients will benefit from revision surgery while others will not be candidates. The most important concept of revision rhinoplasty surgery is “Primum non nocere,” i.e. first do no harm. Patients who are not candidates to get improvement with advanced nasal surgery techniques will be notified and will not be offered further surgery, unlike other surgeons who will perform unnecessary surgery and give you unrealistic expectations.

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The Ideal Tip

Revision rhinoplasty surgery may be as simple as an in-office touch-up or as complicated as total nasal reconstruction. Common areas of dissatisfaction include:

  • Over-resection (sloped) nasal profile
  • Persistent nasal hump
  • Persistent large nose
  • Unbalanced nasal appearance
  • Unbalanced chin aesthetics
  • Pinched’ nose deformity
  • Persistently twisted nose
  • Overturned nose
  • Un-natural nasal tip
  • Bossa formation in the tip
  • Asymmetric nostrils
  • Persistent or now-onset breathing difficulty
  • Nasal valve collapse (external and internal)
  • Poor scars

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Our team of expert physicians use advanced techniques to correct nostril disproportion.

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Dr. Azizzadeh and Dr. Cabin use advanced techniques to correct alar pinching.

Revision Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr Azizzadeh

Revision rhinoplasty surgery requires a more comprehensive evaluation and planning. Dr Azizzadeh and Dr. Cabin will use Vectra 3D digital imaging technology in our Los Angeles/ Beverly Hills office to further discuss our surgical options, and to ensure you both agree on the desired results by answering all of your questions and concerns.

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We will take a systematic approach to the nose in order to achieve a balanced, natural and aesthetically pleasing result. Additionally, we will also focus extensively on the function of the nose to address any dissatisfaction with nasal breathing. Several anatomic and physiologic regions of the nose will be evaluated:

  • Upper portion of the nose (nasal bones)
  • Middle portion of the nose (cartilaginous network)
  • Tip of the nose (including nostrils)
  • Functional components of the nose: septum, turbinate, nasal valves, and allergy evaluation as needed.

Patients should attempt to obtain old surgical and medical records from the previous surgeons.

The week prior to the surgery, a pre-op appointment is scheduled in order to review the surgical plan and assure that all the patient’s questions are answered. At that point, pre and postoperative instructions will be given to the patient and reviewed in detail until you are 100% comfortable.

Revision rhinoplasty nose surgery is usually an outpatient procedure in our Beverly Hills office. The recovery time generally lasts between 1-2 weeks. The patient will have a splint on the nose, which will be removed 1 week later. Most patients will not have nasal packing and are able to return to work within 7-10 days. Dr. Azizzadeh and Dr. Cabin will see the patient several times in the first 10 days following the surgery. The patient will then be seen every 3 months for one year and annually after that. Follow up is a critical component of rhinoplasty, as the nose will continue to improve over the first 12 months, will full results after about 1 year. Rhinoplasty, unlike all other plastic surgery procedures requires a long-term commitment by the surgeon and the patient in order to ensure a successful and satisfactory outcome.

The outcome of rhinoplasty relies on precise techniques to improve the aesthetics and breathing function of the nose. Preoperative planning is paramount to a successful outcome. Dr. Azizzadeh, Dr Cabin, and their knowledgeable and caring staff can help answer all of your questions.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures

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To learn more about revision rhinoplasty nose surgery in Los Angeles, please contact Dr. Azizzadeh and Dr. Cabin to set up an initial consultation. We offer phone consultations for out-of-town patients if you are interested.

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